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Marilyn Monroe's ''Smoldering'' Image Returns

Wednesday October 4, 11:29 am ET
Velvet Collection 2004 is a ''Must Have'' for Marilyn Admirers, Collectors and Wine Lovers

NAPA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Much like a phoenix emerging from the ashes, Marilyn Monroe rose anew today with the debut of The Velvet Collection 2004. Everyone knows how truly incandescent Marilyn Monroe was, but no one could have predicted just how hot she would become last October, when a warehouse fire destroyed nearly all of The Velvet Collection 2003 featuring a label with the lithe 22 year-old Ms. Monroe in the unforgettable pin-up photo that graced Playboy magazine's first issue in 1953. Emblazoned on our collective memory, that photo has become a truly iconic image, and avid collectors and wine connoisseurs alike lamented the lost opportunity to collect something as unique and iconic as the screen legend herself.

Now, back for a return engagement, the label for the 2004 vintage of The Velvet Collection, a tasty blend of the finest Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, features the same famous photograph but with some stylish alterations: Marilyn poses seductively on a flaming red velvet background but this year a golden, sequined overlay discreetly covers her most memorable assets. When the wrap is gently removed, the stunning original photo is revealed. In addition, new peek-a-boo packaging houses Marilyn in a rich red presentation box, which cleverly protects the bottle while exposing the modest label.

The individually numbered, limited edition of The Velvet Collection 2004 is available as a magnum (1.5 liter) bottle that comes in a sealed gift box for $225 or in a three-bottle, numbered, wooden-boxed set consisting of a standard (750ml) bottle, a magnum (1.5 liter) bottle, and a double magnum (3.0 liter) bottle for the price of $1000.

The voluptuous label of The Velvet Collection is the result of a licensing agreement with Marilyn Wines and Playboy Enterprises, Inc., and the photo reminds one why Marilyn Monroe was chosen as the magazine's first Centerfold.

"Two great icons of sensuality of the twentieth century are Marilyn Monroe and Playboy, the combination of the two has since proved to be legendary," stated Sarah Haney, vice president, licensing, Playboy Enterprises, Inc.

The Velvet Collection 2004 is a blend of 54% Cabernet Sauvignon and 46% Merlot wines from Napa Valley made under the direction of noted winemaker John McKay. The resulting wine is as silky, smooth and seductive as the star on the label.

Marilyn Wines' owners Robert and Donna Holder comment, "Last year's fire not only destroyed most of the 2003 Velvet Collection, but it broke our hearts. Over the years, everything connected with Marilyn has become more and more treasured, as have our limited-edition, finely crafted wines. The Velvet Collection is coveted by Monroe fans and collectors alike. Many tell us that they purchase several bottles of each vintage, one for consuming now, one for future enjoyment and one as a valuable collectible."

The Velvet Collection 2004 is part of a family of wines by Marilyn Wines that feature Marilyn Monroe including Marilyn Merlot, Marilyn Cabernet, and Norma Jeane. The first release of The Velvet Collection, with a different image of Marilyn from the same 1949 photo shoot, was the 2002 vintage.

for the information on how to contact them, go HERE.

Sexiest celebrities

Wed, October 4, 2006

Today, Sun Media concludes a three-part series looking at the 50 greatest sex symbols to ever hold the popular culture sway -- from movie stars and singers to athletes and models.

They are the individuals who, thanks to good genes and more than a little of that elusive ingredient we call charisma, really are too sexy for themselves -- and everyone else

2. Marilyn Monroe: If Marilyn had lived, she wouldn't be on this list. She'd be 80 years old now, probably forgotten, resigned to the meagre existence of a mortal. But in death -- alongside James Dean and other perished-too-young stars -- she was harnessed in time, as much an ideal as a person. Could she act? Does any one even remember? It doesn't matter. What they do know -- even those born decades after her death -- are the freeze-frames and flashbacks: Monroe with her white dress blown up around her hips, Monroe singing Happy Birthday to J.F.K., Monroe cooing in newsreel footage. She's a T-shirt, a stamp, a logo, a brand -- and one of the most recognizable and replicated brands on Earth, whether it's Christina Aguilera echoing her now or Madonna channeling her in 1984's Material Girl video.

to see the rest of the list, go HERE.
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